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The company provides the best hair & beard care products for men that includes hair color, beard wash, darkening shampoo, hair pomade, beard balm, and more, formulated using our Gray Darkening Technology.

Employees: None

Established in: 1950

Trading Hours: None

Premise SQFT: None

Sale Type: Share Sale

Is it a Franchise: False

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    Other services (except public administration)

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This sector comprises establishments, not classified to any other sector, primarily engaged in repairing, or performing general or routine maintenance, on motor vehicles, machinery, equipment and other products to ensure that they work efficiently; providing personal care services, funeral services, laundry services and other services to individuals, such as pet care services and photo finishing services; organizing and promoting religious activities; supporting various causes through grant-making, advocating (promoting) various social and political causes, and promoting and defending the interests of their members. Private households are also included.

Financial Information

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Total Asset $ 0
Total Liability $ 0
Shareholder's Equity $ 0
Property & Equipment $ 0


Revenue $ 0
Cash Flow $ 0
Net Income $ 0

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